un jour sans soleil 

By Bent Hamer

With Eric Magnuson, Nicholas Hope, Ingrid Rubio, Francisco Rabal

Synopsis When a novice Norwegian sailor, Almar, dives into the sparkling blue waters to retrieve his gold watch, he has no idea what the consequences of repairing the watch will be. Almar finds himself stranded in a Spanish port in Galacia, waiting for the watch, which has great sentimental value. Time seems to have stopped just like the watch the two old watchmakers are painstakingly and methodically repairing. This is where Almar meets Windy, an Australian seafarer with experience, or at least stories from far beyond the seven seas. Windy is eager to assist Almar in "coming of age" and broadening his horizons. Almar also meets the Spanish girl, Marta, and through her, a very different world begins to open. But as some things open, others must close...

Original Title En dag til i solen
English Title Water Easy Reach

Production BulBul Film AS     

Duration 1h37
Year of production 1998
Release date France August 11, 1999
Nationality Norway
Script Bent Hamer
Distribution France Les Films du LosangeCoproducers Liberator Productions, Babelfilm, Norsk Film AS


un jour sans soleil inter.jpg


Image Philip Øgaard
Editing Skafti Gudmundsson
Art director Juan Botella