New Year's Day 

By Suri Krishnamma

With Andrew Lee Potts, Bobby Barry, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Anastasia Hille, Jacqueline Bisset

Synopsis A cheerful school Christmas ski trip ends up tragically with only two sole survivors, Jake (Andrew Lee Potts) and Steven (Bobby Barry), after an avalanche kills the rest of the party. The two teens embark on the strange quest of fulfilling 12 tasks that their dead friends talked about doing.

Duration 1h41
Year of production 2000
Release date France June 27, 2001
Nationality England
Script Ralph Brown
Production Flashpoint, Alchymie, Liberator Productions
Distribution France Les Films du Losange  

un ete pour tout vivre.jpg


Format 35 mm
Sound Format Dolby SRD


Image John De Borman
Sound Søren Bjerregaard-Ryan 

Editing Adam Ross