the kingdom ii 

By Lars Von Trier and Morten Arnfred

With Ernst-Hugo Järegaard, Kirsten Rolffes, Holger Juul Hansen, Soren Pilmark, Ghita Norby, Jens Okking, Otto Brandenbourg

Synopsis At the Kingdom Hospital in Copenhagen, everything is at it was – and nothing is. Consultant nerosurgeron Stig Helmer has returned from Haiti, and immediately runs into problems. He faces prosecution for his unsuccessful operation on poor little brain-damaged Mona, and his colleague Rigmor is hell-bent on enticing him into matrimony. If that weren’t enough, he is afflicted by hypochondriac trepidation of a more serious nature. Mrs Drusse is mortally wounded by an ambulance, and sets off her journey into the unknown. But she is forced to turn back in order to deal with mysterious goings-on at the Kingdom, where spirits and demons do battle. Judith’s baby, Little Brother, is growing at amazing pace and fighting for his life, just like Professor Bondo, who has had a cancer implant. The love triangle of Mogge, Sanne and Christian absorbs them more than their studies, and considering all the intrigues and conflicts at the Kingdom, no wonder Professor Moesgaard feels compelled to seek psychiatric help !



Original Title Riget

Production Zentropa Entertainments, DR TV
Coproducers SVT, Malmö, WDR, ARTE
Year of production1997
Nationality Denmark