By Emma Dante

With Emma Dante, Elena Cotta, Alba Rohrwacher, Renato Malfatti, Dario Casarolo

Synopsis It’s a Sunday afternoon. The sirocco wind blows pitilessly upon Palermo when Rosa and Clara, two women arriving to celebrate a friend’s wedding, get lost among the city streets and end up in a sort of cul-de-sac: Via Castellana Bandiera.
At the same moment, another car driven by Samira, in which the Calafiore family is amassed, arrives in the opposite direction and enters the same street. Neither Rosa, nor Samira, an ancient and stubborn woman, intend to give way to each other. Shut inside their cars, two women confront each other in a silent duel consumed within the intimate violence of their glances. A totally female duel punctuated by the refusal to drink, eat and sleep; more obstinate than the sun of Palermo and more adamant than the ferocity of the men surrounding them. For, as in any duel, it is a question of life or death...

Production Vivo Film

Palerme inter.jpg

Duration 1h34
Year of production 2013
Release date France July 2, 2014
Nationality Italiy, Switzerland, France
Script Emma DanteGiorgio Vasta, Licia Eminenti
Distribution France Jour2fête
International sales Film Distribution
Coproducers Offside, Ventura Film, Slot Machine

technical list

Image Gherardo Gossi
Sound Benni Atria, François Muse

Editing Benni Atria
Costume designer Italia Carroccio

Production designer Emita Frigato