By Lisandro Alonso

With Juan Fernandez, Giselle Irrazabal, Nieves Cabrera

Synopsis Farrel is a 48 year-old man sailing back from a place far north.  He’s coming back because he wants to withdraw from everything, he’s back to find out if his mother is still alive, he’s back since in the ocean nobody trusts him anymore because he doesn’t even know where he is standing, and he’s back because there is nothing that can make him think of anything other than the next glass of booze. He’s back because before leaving he used to share the bed with his mother at night, after thousands of empty glasses being refilled with alcohol.  As soon as he got home, Farrell used to pull down his pants and underpants and do it without even asking. He hardly remembers why one day, instead of walking back home he stepped into a ship and disappeared for twenty years.

Production 4L


Duration 1h43
Year of production 2008
Release date France August 5, 2009
Nationality Denmark, Germany, France, Suède, Italy
Script Lisandro Alonso and Christoph Hahnheiser
Distribution France Zootropefilms

Director's Fortnight Cannes 2008

Coproducers Slot Machine, Fortuna Films

With the participation of Fonds Sud Cinéma, CNC, Ministère des Affaires Étrangères et Européennes (France)


Technical list

Format 35 mm
Format Sound Dolby SR
Image Lucio Bonelli

Sound Catriel Vildosola
Editing Lisandro Alonso, Fernando Epstein, Martin Mainoli, Segi Dies

Music William Demartino,
Ed Dzubak, David Kristian & Greg Russel