By Albertina Carri

With Cristina Banegas, Daniel Fanego, Maria Abadi, Lucas Escariz, Damian Ramonda, Julieta Zylberberg, Beatriz Spelzini, Silvia Bayle, Vivi Tellas, Gogo Andreu

Synopsis Lucia and Daniel have three children: Ezequiel, who lives in Spain, Jeremias, and their youngest daughter Meme. Lucía, a very pretentious mother, believes she controls everything in accordance with the requirements of the typical middle-class Argentinean way of life; she doesn’t see that under her own roof Jeremias and Meme have a secret relationship. Ezequiel, the eldest brother, arrives from Spain to get married under his parent's pride-filled gaze. His presence, and that of Montse his fiancée, is going to reveal the fragility of the seemingly perfect order of things. Love develops into sin, but its power resists set moral standards.

Production Matanza Cine

Directors' Fortnight Cannes 2005


Duration 1h30
Year of production 2008
Release date France November 2, 2005
Nationality Argentina, France
Script Albertina Carri, Santiago Giralt
Distribution France Pyramide Distribution
Coproducers Slot Machine
With the participation of Incaa, Fonds Sud Cinema, The Global Film Initiative

technical list

Format 35mm, Sound Dolby SRD
Image Guillermo Nieto

Sound Jessica Suarez
Editing Rosario Suarez

Music Edgardo Rudnitzky
Artistic director Maria Eugenia Sueiro