By Lisandro Alonso

With Argentino Vargas, Misael Saavedra, Carlos Landini, Jorge Franseschelli, Rosa Martinez

Synopsis Fifty-six years old Argentino Vargas arrives in Buenos Aires. Standing in the main lobby of the San Martin theater, he waits for someone to come and take him up to the 10th floor for a screening of the film in which he has the lead role. He’ s never set a foot in a cinema. Misael Saavedra, who has also been invited to the screening, loses his way in the theater trying to find the screening room. The tall building, its rest rooms, staircases, elevators and workshops are the real protagonists of a mystery encountered by two men who are strangers to this setting.

Production 4L, Slot Machine, Fortuna Films

Duration 63 minutes
Year of production 2006
Nationality Argentina France, Holland

Image Lucio Bonelli
Editing Lisandro Alonso / Delphina Castagnino
Sound Catrel Vildolsola
Artistic director Gonzalo Delgado
Music Flor maleva


Directors' Fortnight Cannes 2006
Brussels Festival 2006
Sao Paulo Festival 2006
Varsovie New Horizon Festival 2006
Melbourne Festival 2006
International Film Festival Locarno 2006
Lima Festival 2006
Toronto International Film Festival 2006
International Film Festival of Busan 2006
Viennale 2006
Turin Film Festival 2006
International Youth Film Festival Gijon 2006
Rotterdam International Film Festival 2007