benedikt erlingsson

Benedikt Erlingsson is an Icelandic director, author and actor. Erlingsson is well known as a stage director as well as for his roles in Theater, TV series and films. His solo performances are some of the most successful in the history of Icelandic theatre and were performed on stage by Erlingsson himself during 6 years. Of Horses and Men, Erlingsson’s first feature film as a writer-director, won over 20 international awards including the New Directors prize at the 2013 San Sebastián Film Festival and the 2014 Nordic Council Film Prize. Benedikt Erlingsson is a 2016 Gan Foundation for Cinema award winner.


2018 Woman at War
2015 The Show Of Shows – Documentary
2013 Of Horses and Men
2008 The Nail – short film
2007 Thanks – short film