baltasar kormàkur

Born in 1966, Baltasar Kormàkur graduated from The Drama Academy of Iceland and is one of Iceland's most popular and critically acclaimed actors of the younger generation, working amongst others with Oscar-nominee Fridrik Thór Fridriksson. But it is as a director and theatre entrepreneur that he has truly made his name. He has directed ten theatre productions, both at home and abroad. Baltasar Kormákur formed his own theatre with two partners and has directed a string of productions there, as well as in The National Theatre of Iceland. Baltasar Kormákur's first feature film, 101 Reykjavík, starred Victoria Abril in one of the main roles. His film Jar City, directed in 2006, was a big success in Iceland and won numerous awards at festivals, including awards at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the Valencienes Adventure Film Festival.


2018 Adrift
2016 The Oath (Eiðurinn)
2016 Trapped – TV series
2015 Everest
2013 2 Guns
2012 Survivre (Djúpið)
2012 Contraband
2010 Inhale
2008 White Night Wedding (Brúðguminn)
2006 Jar city (Myrin)
2005 A Little Trip to Heaven
2002 The Sea (Hafið)
2000 101 Reykjavík
1996 Áfram Latibær


2018 Adrift: A True Story (Adrift)
2018 Vultures
2016 The Mayor (Borgarstjórinn) – TV series
2016 Eiðurinn
2015 Trapped – TV series
2015 Everest
2015 The Virgin Mountain (Fúsi)
2012 The Deep (Djúpið)
2012 Contraband
2010 Summerland (Sumarlandið)
2008 The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela
2008 The Higher Force
2008 White Night Wedding (Brúðguminn)
2008 Reykjavik-Rotterdam (Reykjavík-Rotterdam)
2007 The  Amazing Truth about Queen Raquela
2006 Jar City (Myrin)
2005 A Little Trip To Heaven
2004 Dis
2003 Stormy Weather
2002 The Sea (Hafið)
2000 101 Reykjavik
1998 Popp i Reykjavik – Documentary